Artist’s Statement


My paintings have a calming effect, but with a quiet intensity. There is a stillness about them, as if time was slowed down, and then suspended.

I’m inspired by the effects of light and the drama created by light. Influenced by artists such as Johannes Vermeer and Edward Hopper, I strive to create paintings that capture a sense of time and place, making that moment eternal.  They draw you in with the familiar and invite you to interpret the story behind them.

The artistic process is a journey reflecting life’s journey — one of discovery and expression. Each painting that I make is a stop on that journey that I would like to share and make a connection.

My paintings are inspired by the people I’ve known, and the places I’ve lived and traveled to. I am interested in the relationship between people and their environment. Although they are often set in public spaces and feature well known icons, each one is a deeply personal statement and a celebration of the beauty of nature and humanity.


— Nick Savides


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